Ace Combat: Joint Assault Preview

We haven’t seen many combat flight simulation games on PSP, except Ace Combat X back in the 2006. There are some good news for all the Ace Combat X fans out there because we are supposed to see sequel of it soon enough. Sequel is called Ace Combat: Joint Assault and it should bring many new things to the franchise.

Ace Combat is a popular franchise on Sony console and first Ace Combat is released for original Sony PlayStation, and many sequels followed on the PlayStation 2.   installment of Ace Combat, Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation has been released exclusively for Xbox 360. As for PSP, we haven’t seen many Ace Combat games except Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception that was released in 2006 as mentioned before. As you know, Ace Combat is a fast and exciting game that focuses on players reflections and flying skills. Controls in Ace Combat might be easy to use but it will take some time before you can master them. In previous game, Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception you had several modes available and a great multiplayer support. You even had a campaign that took its place in fictional countries. The best thing about the campaign was that you had several different routes to choose that gave the game certain replay value. And now, after four years after the Skies of Deception, we’re finally going to see Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

So far, there isn’t many information available about this game. Namco(Project Aces) is the main developer of the game while Namco Bandai is the publisher. Of course, Ace Combat: Joint Assault will be PSP exclusive and it won’t be available on other consoles besides PSP. In addition, for the first time, we’ll have to chance to fight in the real world and not in some made up countries. This means that you’ll be able to fight above biggest cities in the world such as London, Midway, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Game mechanics has also been changed and this means that combat will be a lot different from previous game. For example, Ace Combat: Joint Assault will use Enhanced Combat View that will bring HUD directly to you. According to the developers, this installment should be focusing on simulated air combat and thanks to the new HUD you will feel more like a pilot in this game. In addition, game should be more realistic than before and it should keep similar control system that is easy to learn but hard to master. You’ll fly your plane with inverted controls soup will be down and down will be up on your directional pad. It’s a common control system that has been seen in many other flight simulators and if you’ve ever played another flight simulator you’ll feel familiar with it. Also, you will need to fly carefully with your plane and avoid sharp maneuvers in order not to lose control. Game will be bit more realistic but it won’t be difficult as you think. Speaking of realism, besides real-life locations and cities you will have 40 authentic planes to fly.

Multiplayer has always been a huge part in Ace Combat series and you’ll be happy to know this installment will have a lot of multiplayer options. All Ace Combat fans will be happy to know that Ace Combat Joint Assault will support Ad-Hoc, Ad-Hoc Party and Infrastructure connections. As for the multiplayer modes, there will be several modes available. There will be co-op campaign mode that will allow you two or four players to join forces and complete missions. This is a great way to develop tactics so one team of players can take out an objective while other is covering them. There are limitless possibilities and co-op sounds like a lot of fun. Besides co-op, there will be versus mode that will support up to eight players.

Overall, Ace Combat: Joint Assault sounds like a fun game. Selling point of this game is its multiplayer options and co-op campaign. Co-op and multiplayer seam interesting enough and they should provide enough hours of gameplay to the fans. As for release date, we’re expecting to see Ace Combat: Joint Assault on August 31st.

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