Best mobile games of the customers reviews

This time the digest was not only diverse but also… tolerant. Most of the new products are available not only on iOS but also on Android. So it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple device or not, you’ll have something to do in the subway and queues! Part of related took for what they are separate thank you.

Creative Destruction — the Best action, graphics and a clone of the week

Required: iOS 9.0+ or Android 4.0+
Price: free, there are micro-payments

As you know, the Chinese can copy any idea to sell it and cut money. But the chicest – is to get ahead of the original authors and reach the audience that those are not successes to cover.

Fortnite will be released on Android only on July 24, but her clone Creative Destruction is already on the platform. Moreover, the surrogate looks so good that perhaps some will prefer it to the original. Well? There is also a battle Royale for 100 players, which are cut on the big map: a dozen thematic zones on sixteen square kilometers. To win, it is not enough to find a cool gun: you need to destroy other people’s buildings and build your own.

For some reason, the authors of Creative Destruction hesitated to write off all the Epic Games and added a little difference. You can play as the first and third person, while you should be an adviser. And, most importantly: the buildings do not collapse with picks, and a special “destructor”, like a vacuum cleaner.

Luca: The Dreamer — Best platformer and Milota weeks

Required: iOS 11.0+, Android 5.0+
Price: $ 2 on Google Play and $3 on the App Store

Some, as the developers of Creative Destruction, want to conquer the world with cunning and agility, others — talent and kindness of the soul. The protagonist Luca: the Dreamer (soccer ball, by the way!) refers to the second type. One day the boy, not counting forces, filled the hero in the window, where he saw the World Cup match. The little one was amazed at the spirit of the event and the beauty of the local shell and decided that he must get there.

So Luca went from his native Rio de Janeiro in the world tournament to play in the world Cup. He will be in a variety of cities, including Mexico City and Paris, where he will cross obstacles — this will help single, double jump, bounce off the wall and other tools — and solve puzzles. Well, of course, will collect a lot of coins, without which no platformer is unthinkable.

The developers of Luca: the Dreamer especially boast of the game’s scenery. Locations are bright, colorful and as if painted by hand. Moreover, the levels are not entirely linear and offer alternative ways: they are more difficult than the usual route, but give a more valuable reward.

Nishan shaman — the Best art style of the week

Required: iOS 9.0+
Price: free, no ads, no other purchases

To come up with an engaging story line, it’s not necessary to go the way of Pixar and its “Toy Story” like the project above. You can take the myths and culture of your country, as six Chinese graduates of the program, where Tencent prepares future game designers. So thanks to mega-corporations left “Nishansky shaman”.

The novelty takes as a basis the North Chinese myth about the woman who resurrects the son of the wealthy landowner. “Neaniskoi shaman” also at stake is the soul: the heroine fight demons to save the boy. During the journey, will help not a weapon, and tambourine. It needs to knock, getting to the rhythm of the music, and thus, to protect against evil.

Hag’s Castle-the Best role-playing and the nostalgic game of the week

Required: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.1+
Price: $ 2.99 on Google Play and $2.99 on the App Store

Those who love adventure, but do not tolerate turmoil, more suitable Hag’s Castle. This RPG, which takes us in 90-e years when the computers couldn’t render massive worlds, which is why the trips were huddled in dungeons.

Despite the corridor, or rather the maze of locations, many now love Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and similar games. Their spiritual heirs come out quite often, and Hag’s Castle is one of such nostalgic projects. However, the new product does not look outdated: the picture is grayish but nice.

Authors Hag’s Castle did not bet on a juicy picture and the gameplay. To their dungeons could roam, driving with one hand, not much steaming in battle, but not missing the primitiveness. In the story, you serve a wizard whose dragon was kidnapped and is now held by the witch hag. Her castle will have to be stormed alone, so the hero does not disdain to take everything that is not nailed. Otherwise, numerous duels cannot survive! Fights require quick reactions to strike at those moments when the enemy is holding a block or evade. Of course, in the class will not only the sword, but also the magic of the dragon.

Bloop Go! – The best race and multiplayer of the week

Required: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.1+
Price: free, there are micro-payments

No matter how fascinated single adventure, sometimes the soul needs a break from the rescue of princesses, dragons or worlds, and go to multiplayer. At the same time, you want a dynamic game to quickly join in the fun and win, without memorizing combinations and other tricks.

Bloop Go! the and takes in races are four players, choosing one of thirty characters. Those tenderly jump when you touch the screen and behave in physics when flying into another obstacle, and also rolled or understood on the hill.

At the same time, you can not mindlessly poke: it is essential to use the features of the tracks and scattered bonuses — to your advantage and the detriment of rivals. Also, there are features and pilots whose skills will also help to take first place.

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