Megamind: The Blue Defender Preview

I am pleased to write about a video game which has been adapted from a movie. I am delighted to present to you today a game which has been developed by THQ. The game is an adaptation of the movie, Megamind made by DreamWorks. This is the first time that a dreamworks movie has been adapted into a game by the famed Animation Company THQ. The game is expected have a storyline similar to that of the movie and maybe considered as an extension of the movie. The game is expected to be released for the PSP in sometime, with the PC version having seen its release in November. The all blue evil mastermind turned protagonist of this game is megamind, who is a playable character. Megamind is an alien who is endowed with super intelligence. The playable character can be used to unlock super cool weapons and features from within the game to make it more interesting.

The story arc which has been used in the movie is different; in it the antagonist becomes a hero at the end of the movie and something similar can be expected in the game as well. Although the movie seems to be interesting with its story arc and plot, the game’s storyline hasn’t been exposed yet. It will be interesting to see if the elements that constitute the movie, those elements which make the movie tick, will also be incorporated in the game. The notion however seems quite farfetched for now as the developers would rather take a different course from the movie, as they are catering to audiences who have already got a feel for the characters that make it to the game from the movie. If this is the case, THQ has to ensure that the game does not weigh down heavily on the aspects of the story, given the reputation of the makers who have created the movie.

Initial game trailers suggest that the game might have a cartoonish look and feel about it. The game environment seems to be textured, drawn literally, with many elements giving a plastic feel about it. The PC edition which was released earlier seems to be kind of like the other movie based games which has proliferated the market in the past. From the trailers, I feel that the game is somewhat similar to the Spiderman games which released earlier. The baddies seem to spring out of crates and boxes and it is fairly easy to defeat them. The UI has been modeled to contain elements which make the user experience easy. There is a built in help system as the player continues to play the game, introducing the elements that make the game interesting. From the E3 demo for the PC version, it seems as though the game is close-ended, with the environment having limited bounds and sometimes it feels like the settee is shaded, with the backdrops giving a vaguely 2D feel about it when compared to the current setting. The controls seem to be pretty simple, and there is a points system which allows the user to aggregate power. This is strewn across the environment in the form of blue orbs as seen in the sneak preview. The gameplay seems to have the basic elements – one can walk, run, jump and dodge. From the preview, it looks as though enemies can be defeated easy once you have collected enough blue orbs, powering up your weapons.

What more can I say, the gaming experience is awe inspiring. But there are certain aspects which need to be tried and tested. It looks to be seen whether elements such as mini-games are added in within the game. Puzzle solving, small recreational activity from within the game can be expected as it has already been incorporated in the PC version. The challenge however for the developers lies in making this adaptation viable for the PSP. Judging from the trailer, it looks as though one has the convenience to upgrade weapons. The level of toughness seems to go down as one makes a slew of weapon related upgrades. From the looks of things, it seems as though emphasis has been given on making the protagonist look better and a lot of work has gone into making the persona look similar to the one seen on the big screen. I hope the PSP version will be more dynamic and realistic, transporting the players to an entirely new dimension with graphics and other features. Also I hope that the background music and effects match the mood of the environment and is catchy, attracting many users and capturing their attention.

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