Metal Slug XX Review

Run and shoot genre has been invented by legendary Contra on NES, and Contra was the best run and shoot game in the 80’s. As for the run and shoot genre in 90’s one game stood above all other games that game is Metal Slug. Original Metal Slug has been released in 1996 for the arcade machines but we have seen all sorts of sequels on different consoles. Now it’s time to see Metal Slug on the PlayStation Portable.

As you know, Metal Slug is a classical run and shoot game and that’s what will you do through entire game. Game is filled with nonstop action and you’ll be using all sorts of weapons to fight against the numerous enemies. Goal in Metal Slug XX is quite simple and it’s completely same as in previous games: go from the far left to the far right side of the screen and shoot anything that moves before it shoots you. If you’ve played any Metal Slug game before you’ll feel familiar as soon as you start this game. You’ll see all the familiar enemies for the previous games such as soldiers with all sorts of weapons and shields, tanks and helicopters and let’s not forget the bosses. Metal Slug XX is hard just as previous games because it is using the same mechanics and one bullet can kill you in this game. Of course, you can kill most of the soldiers with one bullet or a grenade but as for the tanks and vehicles, you’ll have to use dozens of bullets. So yeah, game is challenging that’s for sure. Dying isn’t a big deal in Metal Slug XX since you’ll respawn at the same location with different character. In addition, there are unlimited continues in this game which makes it a lot easier. Despite unlimited continues, Metal Slug XX is still hard and challenging game.

Even if you’re outnumbered you have all sorts of different weapons at your disposal. You obtain weapons by saving prisoners and soon you’ll advance from basic pistol to all sorts of powerful weapons such as automatic machine gun, shotgun, missile launcher and laser rifle. In addition, there’s another new weapon called Thunder Shot that fires lightning bolts and it works similarly as the missile launcher. Now you can store two weapons and switch between them with left and right shoulder button. This works great because all weapons, except pistol, have limited ammo so switching between two weapons is more than useful. Besides all weapons that you can use there are also vehicles available, also known as Slugs. There is one problem with Slugs and that problem is confusing controls. In order to move and aim with your Slug, you are using the directional pad so it can get confusing and really frustrating at times. Luckily, Slugs have their own energy bars so it’s not a big problem. It’s the same as in the previous games so if you played any Metal Slug game before you’ll know what to expect. Speaking of Slugs there are three types available. Two have already been known but there is one brand new for you. Gigat is gigantic robot that will rip his way through entire level. It has more hit points than other Slugs and it’s the most powerful Slug of them all. Unfortunately, you’ll be using Gigat on just on one level but still, it’s fun and great experience.

The greatest change when it comes to PSP version is the two-player co-op support. You can simply host or join any game via ad-hoc and enjoy it with a friend. Playing Metal Slug on your own isn’t that fun and the best experience comes when you’re playing it with someone else.

So what can I say about Metal Slug XX? It’s filled with intense action and there are bullets and explosions everywhere. Game is really good, and it has that amazing graphics that has been familiar through entire franchise. There are no bigger complaints about Metal Slug XX except that it might be too short. There are only 7 levels available in this game and you can beat it in less than an hour. Some players might mind the difficulty of the game while others will mind the confusing controls that Slugs have. Overall, if you’re a Metal Slug fan, Metal Slug XX is the game that you mustn’t miss.

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