Michael Jackson: The Experience Preview

I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson and have been influenced by his musical genius ever since I got hold of his foot-tapping number Billie Jean. If I am to speak about combining the power of music and gaming, then there is potential for a huge blockbuster hit and Ubisoft Montreal has decided to do it in style here. I fondly remember playing Ubisoft’s pioneer games on Sony’s Consoles; their games were a revelation. It was a wonderful experience playing Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia. Ubisoft Montreal is well known for its games. Their stunning graphical display, the environments and the like are very well known amongst gamers and I am sure they will be bringing out yet another sleeper hit with “Michael Jackson: The Experience”, featuring none other than the king of pop himself. I am pretty sure that by incorporating elements of his music, his dancing styles and savvy moves in the game Ubisoft are experimenting on the formula for success. Combining these elements with real-time user interactivity and that too on sony’s graphics enriching consoles is bound to make heads turn. I am convinced that this game, like the previous ones from Ubisoft Montreal, will capture the imagination of players from all over, proving to be a hit. This is not the first time a video game inspired by Michael Jackson, the phenomenal singer is hitting video game stores all over the world. In fact, his debut as a video game character, happened way back in 1988, with the release of the “Moonwalker”, the game inspired by the motion picture, where MJ uses his dance moves to rescue children from enemies. Ubisoft Montreal has come up with yet another dazzling title for the year and the announcement back at E3 held during this year has effectively seen it take shape. For the religious follower of the Rhythm and Dancing Genre, here is a sensational game, portraying the various styles of the phenomenal king of pop, here is – “Michael Jackson: The Experience”.

You may have seen many games before in this genre but this here is rather special – it is all about the king – MJ and his troupe of backstage dancers. The game is supposed to mimic the legendary King of Pop, capturing all the scintillating traits of the legend. The player, in fact, dons the hat, becoming MJ, virtually that is. The game basically captures the phenomenon that is Michael Jackson and tries to translate his abundant masterpieces across platforms ranging from the PSP to the latest XBOX 360 Kinect. Covering over 25 of his best musical treats, the trailers and interviews show that the players can copy his genial dancing moves – sashaying, swaying and strutting away in the game; his famous MoonWalk can also be performed, just by pressing a combination of buttons, or by moving the stylus. As you try to match up with Michael’s talent, the environment triggers various effects – visuals and music change dynamically with the setting.

The developers have strived to simulate a real-time environment, with the implementation of Ubisoft’s Player Projection technology. In layman terms, a facsimile of a body will be impinged on the screen with the environments getting dynamically populated with “attributes” – features that formed a part of many live performances in history. The game is rumored to include a wide variety of gameplay modes, however, “Michael’s school” has been the only one revealed so far; players would be trying out their moves and sharpening their skills with MJ himself before the start of a show. There are video tutorials for each of MJ’s groovy moves on the dance floor. There is supposedly a challenge mode as well, where players compete with one another to get maximum points. It is rumored that there will be a career mode as well.

Multiplayer ability has been extended to 4 players in the Wii and PS3, while details on the PSP are still cloudy. The game has an additional singing feature for the Kinect version and an optional karaoke for the PS3 and Wii. These will be including real-time audio enhancers to make the game feel livelier. Players who have experienced playing this game in the other platforms have given rave reviews, building up the reputation of its release for the PSP. Many believe that it is worth the amount of money paid. Everyone should own a copy of this masterpiece, the Master, and his foot tapping, genial pop hits have been transformed into a timeless, user interactive epic, through this game. The creators of Just Dance 2 have set the standards really high here. It goes without saying that Ubisoft’s MJ the Experience will truly be an awesome game, enthralling audiences with a whole new interactive gaming experience – truly blissful for the pop fan.

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