Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Preview

There are many great action games on the PlayStation Portable but I think that Monster Hunter is one of the best action games on PSP and on other consoles. If you’re not familiar with the Monster Hunter series, we should mention that Monster Hunter is an action role-playing game that has debuted on PlayStation 2 in 2004. One thing that made Monster Hunter so popular is the ability to join with other players online and defeat stronger monsters that way. Yeah, it Monster Hunter was great on PlayStation 2 and after the success of the original game, many sequels followed. Series have moved on other consoles as well, so we got Monster Hunter on Wii, Xbox 360 and on PC as well. As for the PSP, we got several Monster Hunter games for it. The first Monster Hunter game for PSP was released in 2006 and it was called Monster Hunter Freedom. It was a good game since it had ad-hoc support, but it wasn’t the best game in the series. After the Monster Hunter Freedom, two Monster Hunter games followed, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Unite, and both of them achieved great success. Now, after a while it seems that we’re going to get a new Monster Hunter game called Monster Hunter Portable 3rd / Monster Hunter Freedom 3, so let’s see what will this game offer to its fans.

The first thing that I noticed about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is that it looks a lot like God Eater Burst, because it uses the similar gameplay system in which you need to fight against huge monsters with your teammates, but we all know that Monster Hunter has so much more to offer. So what do we know about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd? New base of operations is Yukumo Village that has that great Japanese medieval look and I have to admit that it looks amazing. I should mention that now you can lead two companions when you’re hunting for monsters in single player instead of single companion like in the previous game which is definitely an improvement. When you’re on a quest during a singleplayer mission, enemies will focus their attacks on all members of your group and that should make your quests a bit simpler and easier than before. Another improvement that wasn’t present in earlier Monster Hunter games is the ability to change the equipment of your companions, which allows you to make different tactics and attack strategies. By changing your companion’s equipment, you’ll change their physical look as well as properties, which is a nice detail. As for the customization of your characters, you should know that you’ll be able to change your companion’s weapons, head parts and torso parts. As we can see, customization is a great addition to the series but besides customization, we’re going to get a whole new location as well. If you’ve played Monster Hunter Tri, you’ll be pleased to know that all locations from it will be available in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but there will be a whole new location called Keiryu or Mountain Stream. We should mention that there won’t be underwater levels in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but there will be additional levels that should replace them, so you probably won’t even notice that they are missing.

As for the weapons, we know that all 12 categories of weapons from previous games will be available in this game and available categories are Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Greatsword, Dual Swords, Lance, Hammer, Gun Lance, Bow, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun. As for the weapons, they work on the similar way like the weapons in God Eater Burst, because you use single weapon that transforms into other types of weapons during the combat. Besides that, there will be improved item creation system, but so far, we don’t have any information about it.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd looks amazing on the PlayStation Portable and I’m positive that it will be one of the best PSP games when it is released. As for the release date, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will be available on December 1st in Japan, and so far there’s no information about release dates in other countries.

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