Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

When it comes to Silent Hill, it’s the game that has invented psychological horror genre when it was released in 1999 for Sony Playstation. Latest sequel, Shattered Memories tried to do the similar thing ten years after. Even if the Shattered Memories is imagined as the remake of original Silent Hill, those two games barely have something in common. Only thing that these games share is the storyline. Story begins with the main protagonist, Harry Mason who has a car accident while passing by the town called Silent Hill. On his way, due to the slippery roads, his car begins to slide and he ends up trapped in a nightmare. Harry wasn’t alone in the car when an accident happened, he was driving with his daughter Cheryl, and when he came to conscious she was gone. Harry grabbed his flashlight and went into the icy city to find her.

Shattered Memories tend to take you through all the events that you survived in original Silent Hill, and remember them at the psychiatrist session. As you remember all the things that happened, you’ll live the whole nightmare all over again. This is when first difference comes between this game and original. This is not a remake, although both of the games share the same story. Many fans of the old series will be surprised because there’s not a single weapon in this game. Unlike in previous games, when you had to explore the world and fight your way through the armies of monsters the new Silent Hill focuses on survival. In this game, you will run from each monster that comes in your way. You’re not an almighty hero like you were in the previous games, now you’re just an average person that fights for his bare life. It’s easy to know when the monsters are coming, the whole city becomes frozen in ice, and whenever there are monsters around music becomes intense and you’re hearing a certain noise, similar to the scream. The closer the monsters are, the louder noise you’re hearing, and that means it’s time for you to run. Even if the monsters get you, you can shake them off by pressing the certain buttons on your PSP.

Most actions that you’ll do in this game require that you use analog nub and face buttons that can be slow at the times, but still work very well. As for the puzzles in the game are different and somewhat easier and you’ll solve them with ease with the use of your cell phone. A cell phone is another key element of the game and it used for getting all sorts of information and for saving. There’s no classic map that you must find, like in the previous games and instead, you’re using your phone with GPS navigation as a map. You use your cell phone to receive all sorts of text or voice messages that explain the game. By taking pictures on your phone you can find the missing pieces of the storyline and all sorts of hidden messages that explain the plot. As for the music and voice acting it’s simply amazing because Silent Hill always had great music and sound that will put you even deeper in this game.

Overall, Shattered Memories isn’t just another remake, it’s a brand new game that has decent replay value, depending on your choices at the psychiatrist session. Just as any other Silent Hill game, Shattered Memories offers several different endings depending on your actions in game. There’s even a huge twist at the psychiatrist office that will make you really confused and leave you guessing what has happened to Harry and Cheryl. It’s something different than in original game and it’s up to you to find it out. Only flaw of the game is its length and graphics. Game is simply too short for most of the players and graphics is not bad but it’s plain and it lacks detail. This is still a great game and it has brought bit of revolution to the series that some of the older fans would not like, but for the rest, it’s the one great game that you must not miss.

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